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Listen now, play better golf this right away! You will be amazed.

This could be just what your golf game needs, this could be that one little thing that makes your golf game click.​ Learn to think and act like champion golfers and you will soon enjoy success. It's true the mental part of the game is the most important part of your game--just watch the top players in the world.


You may only need to listen to the affirmations once to make a difference but many listen over and over and over!

Do you get nervous, lock-up, get stuck, have the yips or just beat yourself up mentally after a poor shot? You very well could be talking negatively to yourself. 


Golf meditation is what champion golfers and top athletes have been using so they can perform at their best. There are positive thoughts that you should be thinking while you are playing. You can not continually think negative, it won't work after time. That is why these were designed to be easy to use, quick and most effective.


This is how to improve your game even when you are away from the golf course. You will become your own best caddy.


​Play well!

Master Your Golf Mind

Golf Meditation for 

Improving Your Game

This golf meditation will relax you and bring you to a calm and peaceful place when you are approaching the first tee with shaky nerves or when you are in the heat of competition. This is a 15-minute meditation and there is also a short 5-minute one (below) that you can turn to when you are actually on the course.

This golf meditation a short 5-minute one that you can turn to when you are on the course

Golf Affirmations

for Peak Performance

These golf affirmations put to great sounding piano music will improve your golf game. You may be thinking negatively and not even be aware of it. It may be just one or two of these affirmations that will change your game and you will start to think and play like professional and amateur winners do. For a tiny fraction of a new club or green fee, this is a great piece of equipment that many players are happy they purchased.

Golf Affirmations for Mastering Your Mind

More affirmations that will make you think positively and perform at your best on and off the course. Golf is a very mental game, not only do you have to be a good athlete you have to use the power of your mindto play at your best. This is the secret to playing at the next level.

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